When photography is in your blood, you begin to see your surroundings as images waiting to be captured. 


Ida grew up with a camera in her hands. Born in Poland and raised in Ontario, Ida inherited her father’s love for photography. She learned to crave the thrill of memorializing moments while working beside her dad at wedding after they left their small hometown of Krzyz. She spent a few years travelling through Canada's West Coast, and Europe taking photos and refining her skills. Then, she turned that thrill into skill once she arrived in Brantford, Ontario through a mix of pursued opportunities and formal training, and is now widely published in newspapers, websites, and promotional materials across Canada and beyond.


The type of moment doesn’t matter, whether it’s a wedding, a family, or business photography. She sees great photos as they develop and has the unique ability to record them. Any amateur can take a decent staged photo. It’s Ida’s ability to capture the real moments worth remembering that sets her apart.


Apply that ability to videography, and add mastery of lighting plus extensive formal training, and you have one of the most keen photographer/videographers up for hire.