When photography is in your blood, you begin to see your surroundings as images waiting to be captured. 

Ida grew up with a camera in her hands. Born in Poland and raised in Ontario, Ida inherited her father's drive and thrill for life, as well as his love for photography.  Ida's passion led her on travels around Canada and Europe; all the while developing and refining her "super-skills". Then, she turned that thrill into skill through a mix of pursued opportunities and formal training in Media Studies and is now widely published in newspapers, websites, and promotional materials across Canada and beyond.  Ida continues to learn and aspire to become the best; her can do attitude is the driving force behind Wonderful Ida. 

Ida has been running her photography and videography business since 2011. Ida is truly the superhero of the photography and videography world. Her skills and knowledge of her art is just the start. What sets Ida apart is her natural ability to create an environment that allows clients to be relaxed and candid, allowing her to capture their true essence. The type of moment doesn’t matter, whether it’s a wedding, a family, or business photography. She sees great photos as they develop and has the unique ability to record them. Any amateur can take a decent staged photo. It’s Ida’s ability to capture the real moments worth remembering that sets her apart.

Wonderful Ida is a small company that supports small businesses, with a focus on Women and Health. We work with businesses to create a better social media presence through film and photography. We excel by creating beautiful content and providing the building blocks for organizations to increase their visual online presence. In addition to working with businesses to build brands, Wonderful Ida will work with you to Educate, Explore and Express! 

Imagine yourself on a journey with "Super-Ida", one where you get to create your own superhero and special powers. The sky is the limit, if you can imagine it we can create it, together, consider us your sidekick on this adventure! Wonderful Ida ensures consistent communication and recognizes the uniqueness of every client, making sure to let your uniqueness shine.