Brant Studio Tour 2015

Brant Studio Tour is a unique opportunity that connects the people of Brant with local artists by opening the doors to their studios. This was my first time participating in the tour, which included 16 locations in Brantford, St George, Burford and Paris. Unfortunately I wasn't able to make it to all 16, instead I had the privilege to see 3 locations in Brantford and 3 in Paris. 

The first stop was Arlene Laskey's studio on Palmerston Ave. 

Next up was Judy Dean Pottery in her studio on Grand River Ave. 

My final stop in Brantford was The Crawford Collective located in downtown Brantford, on King st. 

My first stop in Paris was Ralph Heather 's beautiful at home studio. 

Up next was Studio 50.

And my final stop was Holly O's colourful home studio.

Brant Studio Tours is a great way to see where local art is created, in this special behind the scenes look. More than anything this studio tour has sparked the want of having my own studio one day. 


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