Brantford Photo Shoot Locations 2015

One of the biggest challenges when planning a photo shoot is choosing a good location. Brantford is full of many beautiful spots that would create beautiful photos. Personally when someone asks me to help them choose a location I strongly suggest that they pick a place that is important to them. Not just a park that they have never been to, but rather a park they spend most of their time. The more important a location is, the greater bond with the photos. My favourite family photo from my childhood is of my family walking together on a trail at Pinehyrst, I love it because I remember all the great adventures we had exploring the park.

However sometimes you're just looking for a pretty location to take some photos. More then just a location I believe time of day is a key competent of creating a beautiful picture. For this blog I started at 4pm, and sunset was 7pm. Normally I would start a lot closer to sunset, however I wanted to be able to make it to all of the locations. I was a little worried about time because I was on a bike, and since doing the shoot last my set up time has increased because I use more equipment. 

Glenhyrst Gardens

I love this location because there are many unique features that create beautiful backdrops. I can do multiple shoots here without using the same location. The only downfall is that there is no great place to watch the sunset unless you go down to the trail. Overall a great place for photos. 

W. Ross MacDonald School

 I've only started shooting at this location a couple years ago, and I am in love with all the beautiful pathways. This location is great year round. I especially love shooting here in the winter.

Lorne Park

Growing up this was always one of my dad's favourite locations for photos. I'm not much for photos of flowers, but I am in love with the giant willow tree. 

Under Lorne Bridge

It does sound a little weird to meet people under a bridge for a photo shoot, but it's actually a very beautiful location. It's also a great place to watch the sun set. 

Brant's Crossing

When I think of Brantford, this is the first location that comes to mind. This is one of the locations that I love at shooting all year round. 

Harmony Square

Once the sun sets downtown can be a great location for photos. I especially like Harmony Square because it is usually nicely lit, making it ideal for winter (as long as it's not too cold outside).

I hope this blog has helped you to in choosing a location for your next photo shoot. To check out the original location blog post click here.


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