Behind the scenes look at a Brantford production; 'Payback's a Bitch'

Brantford is full of many talented creative individuals, and each time I collaborate with them,  I learn something. I originally met J.R. Vegas and his crew last winter when we worked on our first project: 'Retribution'

Retribution from J. R. Vegas on Vimeo.

A year has past since our last production, and the team has grown both in their skill levels, and in size. If you are a creative, I strongly suggest that you collaborate with other local creatives. My personal goal is to create at least two personal projects a month, thought I'm still not great at this, it's something I constantly strive to do. As one of my personal projects this winter I join J.R, Vegas, and his crew for our second video shoot. My role was lighting and behind the scenes photos. 



It was a full day shoot, but the time flew by. I'm looking forward to seeing the project once it's complete. 




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