Dundas Valley E-session

While driving to Dundas, I wasn't sure if our shoot would be rained out or not. When I arrive it wasn't raining, but within 5 minutes of arriving to our meeting spot the rain was back, and with full force. Luckily by the time the couple arrived it had slowed down a bit, and we found a spot where the tree made for a great natural umbrella. 

After a few shots in the mist, the rain went away. To get to the look out point its about a 20 minute walk, and I was hoping that by the time we got out there the rain would completely stop. We made a few stops for photos along the way to the viewpoint. 

When we finally made it to our destination, I was very happy about our choice. 

On the way back, it started getting dark, but I still managed to slip a few more photos. I love the colour of the sky after it rains. 

This is definitely one of my favourite shooting locations in the Hamilton area. 


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