Steve and Brittany | Punta Cana

There is something magical about a wedding on a beach in a tropical location. This being my first destination wedding I was very pleased with the whole experience. We arrived in Punta Cana Saturday night, but the wedding wasn't till Tuesday. While exploring the resort I found multiple places for photo opportunities. However there is one particular spot that stood out amongst the rest.  I mentioned the spot to Brittany she said that's exactly where she was hoping to get some photos done. On the wedding day I kept it in mind for photos. I knew it looked best just after sunset so I was hoping we would be able to make our way there in time.

The weather was calling for rain, but when the wedding day finally arrived it was a beautiful sunny day. The ladies started with a stop at the salon, followed by a champaign toast at the bar. Once everyone was ready we met in the main building by the beautiful stair case. Steve and Brittany were so cute when they saw first saw each other; it was adorable to see how happy they were. By doing the first look we had the opportunity to take photos before the ceremony which was awesome because the ceremony didn't start till 6. 

Ideally I like to attend the rehearsal so that I can get a better understanding of where to be for the ceremony. Before I started doing this I would stress about the ceremony, but now I feel like I have a plan of action for the ceremony to make sure I'm at the right place at the right time. Unfortunately Steve  and Brittany didn't have a rehearsal, but luckily I happened to be on the beach the day prior just in time to watch a ceremony. So when it came time for the ceremony I ready to go. 

After the ceremony we had perfect light for the more photos, and as we were heading back to the reception we made it to the location I had in mind at the perfect time. These turned out to be my favourite shots from the day. It's amazing when everything comes together just the way you imaged it in your mind. 


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