How to plan your perfect Engagement Session

Often times couples tell me that they don't feel the need to do an engagement session. I totally understand that. I don't see the point of going to a park that the couple has never been to before, walking around, and taking posed shots of them looking in love. Don't get me wrong, some photographers are able to do a great job with this, but it isn't something I would personally want, so it's not something that I offer. 

Instead I think it's important for a couple to pick an activity to do that they normally would do together. For example; walk their dog at their local park, visit the place where they met, or even just hang out in their living room and play video games. The most important thing is that the session reflects who they are as a couple. 

Life will change once you're married, so let your engagement session reflect what you would do while you were engaged. 




1.Jacey Mazurek(non-registered)
I love this approach to an engagement session.. so personable. Luke would love it!
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