Escape the Norm | A Helicopter Over Niagara Falls

As a surprise for my dad on his birthday, we did something he only ever talked about. We escaped the norm and took flight over Niagara Falls on an epic helicopter tour. Sure the tour only lasted about 20 minutes, but it was a well spent 20 minutes. After waiting our tour to board the helicopter for about an hour, that by the time we finally took off, time pasted in hyper speed. Before we knew it we were circling the falls, taking as many pictures as we could to capture the beauty that is the falls. In no time we were back to the landing pad, and the epic adventure was over. 

Wanting more we returned to the falls though this time by foot. No matter how many times I visit Niagara Falls I am always able to see the falls in a new perspective, and this time wasn't any different. 


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