An Evening with Chris Hadfield | Sanderson Centre Brantford

Space has always interested me. I love watching movies that take place in space, and looking at photographs of our universe. When I first heard of Chris Hadfield I was happy that there was a Canadian astronaut, and active tweeter living aboard the ISS. With his live tweets I felt as thought I was right there with him. I especially love his images from space.

Arriving at the Sanderson Centre with my press pass in hand, I was full of excitement, a little nervous to meet one of Canadian's most famous heroes, but I was ready to make pictures. 

One of the main perks of photographing an event is being able to view the event from various vantage points; including backstage.

Chris talked for over an hour, the whole time I felt inspired by the amazing adventure that he lived. Did you know that it take 8 days to prepare to walk in space? 8 days. In the movies it only takes about a minute. 

Chris finished his set by playing a song that students across Canada learn, and sang along with Chris as he broadcast his performance live aboard the ISS, and this amazing song that gave me shivers as I listened to it live. 

If you ever have the opportunity I would strongly suggest attending one of Chris Hadfield's events, or at least check him out on Ted Talks.


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Great shots!
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