Becky and Zubin | Harbour Banquet & Conference Centre Oakville, Canada

Becky and Zubin hosted their winter wedding at Harbour Banquet & Conference Centre in Oakville, and the venue did not disappoint. Overlooking the harbour, the Harbour Centre made for a romantic location for the couple's special day. 

The day started off with Baileys and coffee at Keora Bridal Salon  as the ladies got their hair and makeup done. The room was full of laughter, and giggles as the ladies prepared for their dance to come. Let me explain a little more; the bridal party spent the past few weeks prepping a choreographed dance as a surprise for the wedding guests. Don't worry this blog includes a video of the full dance.

After getting ready it was time for the couple's first look. As the groom waited excitedly to see his soon to be wife, the brides family didn't waste any time posing for photos. After their reveal and photo session, it was time for the real thing. A few happy tears were shed as the lovely couple exchanged rings. Once the hard part was over, it was time to party. And party they did.  



2.Linda Riley(non-registered)
Thanks for the pictures and video great night
1.Mother of the Bride and now Zubin too!(non-registered)
A truly awesome and joyous event!
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