Get Fit in 2016 with Bod Squad | Brantford

I've been working out in Brantford with Bod Squad since last summer, and I feel great. Since starting with Bod Squad I have learned a lot about nutrition with their monthly meal plans (even thought I'm not too good at sticking to them). I feel stronger, and after attending a morning class I feel ready for a productive day at work. I'm a freelancer, so I make my own hours. However with 6am classes I am able to start my day off right, and have motivation to work hard all day. Each class is unique, so I never get bored. Everyone in the class is very supportive, making it a very fun atmosphere (even thought I'm not yet fully awake for the class and stay silent most of the time). 

Since starting with Bod Squad boot camp I have worked with them on upgrading their photography on their website, and in the new year we are starting a new video series. If your business needs some new photos, or promo videos be sure to send me an email to

Let this year be your year to get fit, trust me you have nothing to loose other then some unwanted fat. 

If you're excuse is the cold weather, we have an indoor location for the winter. Hope to see you 6am boot camp!


PS check out their stroller fit for new moms.



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